Redistribution would take place because of the limited budget?



Suppose we had a network.

Several routers are there.

Some of them are efficient, but the others are not.

The former one can speak OSPF, the latter cannot.

What is worse, we have a poor budget.

There is no leeway to purchase a new efficient router.


In this case, no matter how we would like to unify its routing protocol as OSPF,

we have no choice but to utilize the redistribution.


Therefore, the redistribution is son of necessity.

Or should I say;

if the budget limit was sky, the concept of redistribution would vanish away.


Or not?



  • Are you trying to dream of a world without redistribution?  I've done that a few times myself - what a wonderful place it is.

    But back in the real world you're still gonna have takeovers, mergers, etc., etc. so you'd probably still need redistribution even just "temporarily" (I think it was Petr who said there's nothing more permanent than a temporary solution).


  • meraxis



    And welcome back.

    It must be tough day for you.

    Enjoy your Wednesday night?


    M&A, no wonder.

    That is the reason there is still the need of redistribution.


    When it comes to Petr, could not find a phrase like that.


    Anyway, stay alert.

    Typhoon is just around the corner……. [st]





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