How to Successfully Fail a Voice Lab Attempt

I failed heed some of Mr. Snow's advice and after a brutal Monday in San Jose, I feel I am now qualified to instruct canidates on how to not pass your lab.  I guarentee you that if you follow this sure fire approach, you will not pass.  I know most of these are in the INE videos, but I thought it would be good to compile the list for those who are too busy to watch all the sessions.

1. Shot-gun it.  Just bounce from task to task depending on what thought happens to cross your mind.  Bouncing around makes the day far more entertaining as you get down to the wire and realize although you are looking at the last task, you only have 4 completed.

2. Deviate from the plan.  Sure you may have drawn up a plan that says do A, B then C, but some times C looks like a lot more fun than A or B.  Go ahead and do what is fun.

3.  Don't test any of your phones until hour 6.  After all, you configured the all correctly, there is no need to test.  It's not like any of the tasks could be dependant on eachother, it'll all just work out.

4.  If there is something that seems hard in your studies, just skip it.  After all, they can't test you on everything, so there is no need to be familiar with even where the documentation is.

5.  If you are given a task that seems easy but you have no idea how to complete it, spend at least 30 minutes on it.  Afterall, you may just luck yourself into the answer, and those 2 points could make the difference between scoring "30 something" or scoring "40 something".

6.  Skip the deep dive modules you feel you should already know.  These are all just a waste of time and there couldn't possibly be anything new in them right?

7.  Never complete a mock lab.  Doing bits and pieces efficiently should be enough.  There is no need to see what a completed lab is like.

8.  Become very efficient at 1, and only 1, mock lab.  If the proctor hands you the mock lab you are good at, you might pass, so be careful with this one.

9.  Start working before you finish reading the lab.  It makes it more exciting when you don't know what comes next.  You could even combine this with step 1 and just pick tasks at random.

10.  Spend at least 30 minutes on a "problem" not related to any of your tasks and that does not impact performace.  It's not like time is important in your lab.

Well, there is my list.  Feel free to add more if you have them!


  • That's one expensive lunch but at least you got a feel for it and compiled a good list with things not to do :)

    What is your plan so that the next list you make will be how to sucessfully pass a voice lab attempt?

  • I love the way you have describe the list..:-)


    Happy Studying

  • Sounds like a plan that would work equally well for all CCIE tracks[:S]

    Best of luck for your next attempt - just leave this plan behind and follow Mark's![Y]

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