Vol2, Lab 2, Task 8.4

On task 8.4, of Vol2's Lab 2, I'm confused why the CIR value for "all other VCs" was set to 192k.  I keep thinking it should be 384 (512 - 128), what am I overlooking?


One other question on this task, would it have been considered incorrect to perform FRTS via MQC methods (service policy tied to the FR map-class) instead of the legacy FRTS configuration?





  • The task says to allocate half of the remaining bandwidth to the remaining DLCI's. The remaining bandwidth is 384k as you calculated (512-128). Half of that is 192k, so you forgot to divide by 2. Since the task says to configure FRTS that is what I would do. However it does not specifically say to not use MQC so I'm not sure you would loose the points. This would be a good question for the proctor if it was a real lab.

  • Thanks, much appreciated!


  • Asking the proctor is always a good idea, but he will help only when really considering it is needed. In a task like this, i would say you will get no answer. While both SG and your proposed solution will function (legacy FRTS and MQC CBWFQ combined with legacy FRTS), i would still use the most straight forward one, which is the one used by the SG in this case. This is because you are not asked to define any classes (like HTTP should get x bw and icmp get y bw), so there is no special requirements on using MQC CBWFQ with legacy FRTS.

    Good luck with your studies!

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