Vol-1 WB switching

I have just recently started Vol-1 wb and in few instances I find that the qustion asks for "ports connected to internal and external routers" and the solution does not include the ports connecting to R3. For example: 1.36 solution enables portfast on sw-1 fa0/1 and fa0/5 and not fa0/3. I don't understand why no fa0/3.


  • Hi,

       If SW1 port Fa0/3 is actively used in the topology, then it is something the SG missed. As a general rule, when you'll be confident with your level of knowledge, you will easily spot a typo, missing configuration, wrond configuration, or alternative configuration.

     Whenever the case, ask the forum :)

    Good luck with your studies!

  • During the initial phase it will be good idea to draw your Physical Vs Logical L2 topologies. Be aware that "CDP" is your only friend here. Though industry version of it is "LLDP" which if I am not mistaking is not on Blueprint. But little extra things to know never hurts of course [;)]



    Deepak Arora



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