Nexus bootflash: tmp files

Hi, I notice that after a code upgrade, there are some tmp files left in the bootflash.

Do you recommend to delete them manually? Why the system doesn't delete them before the upgrade is done.


N5K(config-if-range)# dir
         48     Jul 13 02:11:43 2009  ..tmp-kickstart
         38     Jul 13 02:11:43 2009  ..tmp-system
   21524480     Jul 13 02:11:43 2009  .tmp-kickstart
  103586147     Jul 13 02:11:43 2009  .tmp-system


  • Hi,

    These files are not in use and were created during the upgrade process. There are normally deleted and may have been left due to a lack of disk space.


    The normal error message in the log would be %SYSMGR-2-TMP_DIR_FULL.

    These files are only used as part of the upgrade process. They can be safely deleted after the upgrade.


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