Translate Redirecting Number to Voicemail

Hey guys,

I got into a situation whereby I could not access my voicemail when the following situation occurs:

I have HQ site and Branch 1 site. HQ has location BW set to 23Kbps and hence, AAR kicks in. VM are all in HQ device pool with AAR configured.

When HQ phones has call forwarded to VM, Branch 1 phones are able to reach HQ phone VM and leave a message. That's perfect!

When Branch 1 phones press on the message button to access his voicemail, it could not get into his voicemail box and hear the default system greeting saying"Welcome to Cisco Unity Connection... To dial an extension. you may...... etc".

I did a Q931 trace at HQ GW and this is my output:

ISDN Se0/0/0:23 Q931: RX <- SETUP pd = 8  callref = 0x00B7
        Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A2
                Standard = CCITT
                Transfer Capability = Speech
                Transfer Mode = Circuit
                Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s
        Channel ID i = 0xA18381
                Preferred, Channel 1
        Calling Party Number i = 0x0081, '15126022002'
                Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown
        Called Party Number i = 0xA1, '2065011850'
                Plan:ISDN, Type:National
        Redirecting Number i = 0x000081, '1850'
                Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

I know that it's cause by the redirecting number which its the voicemail pilot number. And I also know that we can use the Voicemail Profile to change the Redirecting number by setting the Voicemail Mask and configure individually for each DN in branch 1. However, I do not think that this is a best practise or recommended way to do it.

Just wonder any one of you has encounter this situation and perhaps some solution to it?

Thanks man!




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