Gatekeeper-Callrouting (cucm-cme)

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I have been going through deep dive modules .In gatekeeper section am having a doubt .

Within the specific scenario that u followed CUCM-CME call routing via GK .Without zone prefix also  aren't we  able to route call from CUCM to CME provided both are in the same zone SEA and CME's alias are registered with gatekeeper .


ie if zone prefixes are not configured in GK and  target zone=source zone and target zone is local and the target address is registered .Then won't we be able to route the call ?


  • hey,

    I believe to route calls using GK, there are only 3 possible ways:

    1. default techprefix + zone prefix

    2. Static Alias + zone prefix

    3. dynamic techprefix + zone prefix

    Hence, irregardless any number of zone you are trying to register with GK, it really depends on zone prefix setup to route calls.

    Hope it helps!

  • I totally agree with you .These 3 are possible ways and its true .

    when I had gone through the videos of Mark Snow he explained a flow
    chart regarding what all methods you can use to route the call ,which is
    explained also in

    CVoice 6 also .

    Within the flow
    chart that Mark has explained suppose take the case both CUCM and CME
    has registered with zone SEA .No tech prefixes and zone prefixes are
    defined on the gatekeeper no default techprefix also .But cme alias are
    registered with the gatekeeper .



    this case 1) techprefixmatch ----N--------->zone prefix
    match-----------N------->arqreject unknown prefix
    set----------N---------> targetzone=sourcezone.

    is targetzone local-------Y-------------->was a tech prefix used in
    step1----------N--------->is target Address
    Registered------Y----->SEND ACF.


    This can be problem
    since Target zone =source zone both are here SEA .Now he explained
    really good that since  both zones are same there can be a chance call
    fails sometimes sometimes it works .My doubt over here is since the
    E.164 addresses are already registered with  gatekeeper weather there is
    a chance for a call failure .It always worked for me .

    understand This scenario is possible only when calling from cucm to cme
    ,backwards its not compatible for that as "tacl75" told 3 methods can
    only be used ,ie  it needs zone prefixes.

    Definitely Mark can help here and if there is anything wrong in my concept he can clear it out


     Thanksand Regards


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