AIM-CUE CF Card Issue

Hi Guys,

Hope someone can assist me on the following issue.

I've an AIM-CUE module which one day after the power cycle, I got the following error during the module boot up.

"Not a cisco supported CF. Please use cisco supported CF and reinstall the software."

Understand my CF card could be toasted as it can't even detected by the card reader.

I've hence doing some google and saw the original AIM-CUE-1GBCF= cost even more than the module itself. then someone mentioned an CF card with 2001888 sectors could be a cheaper replacement.

I've success to found two 1GB CF card with the same sector (one of it is cisco router mem cf 1gb), and since have a chance to borrow the other working AIM-CUE CF card on hand, suggested by Mark, I've used fedora core 15 and "DDed" the working CF to an Image with the following command

"dd if=/dev/sdb of=/image bs=32768"

and write the image to the two card that i've bought, but guess what i've not gotten any luck on this.

Still after using the bootloader to initialize the module, i still getting the "not a cisco supported CF" error.

By any chance anyone sucessfully to run AIM-CUE on other CF card that can shed some light?

P/S I'm using this module for my CCIE lab preparation, and it is a used unit, hence there isn't anyway I could do RMA : (




  • Alex;

         I have a few of these in my home lab, and can pop one out and take a look at the CF sometime this week.  I know that there are some "special" files on board that are either hidden, or prepended with a . so that you can't see them.  I had a similar issue with the internal CF on an ASA and bought a 2GB card, popped it into the ASA, did a format and use OS X to copy all the files from another ASA onto the new one.  I can try that with the AIM-CUE, as now I am curious myself. :-)

         This reminds me of the old "magic number" on flash.

  • Hi, AtlasNetwork,

    Thanks for that and hopefully to hear some good news from you. I thought the dd command supposing dup everything on the source card to destination card.

    and what is the magic number? [:D]


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