Value of CCIP knowledge BGP, MPLS QOS


Can the level of knowledge/skill required to attain CCIP enhance one's effectiveness in the Routing and Switching and/or Voice tracks or will it simply chain one to a service provider?



  • Hi Ernie,


    I suggest to study CCIP and CCNP before S/P or R/S exam.

    The two exams (CCxP) are similar but BGP is covered very well ( have a look Halabi's book Internet Routing Architectures) .From my understanding you don't need it in the voice track.

  • Hi Ernie,

    It is quite common to do CCIP before CCIE R&S. The MPLS part will probably be more extensive than for R&S so that should set you up nicely for CCIE. Also the BGP and QoS is very useful for the CCIE as well. If you do CCIP you will probably spend longer time than going straight for CCIE but you will get one extra cert to show as well.

  • You definitely learn more about QoS, MPLS and BGP in CCIP and easy to catch the track of R & S and SP.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for confirming that:

    1. I will not be chained to a service provider
    2. My usefulness in the R&S track will be enhanced


  • Hello Ernie_07

    Yes you are true, the CCIP has detailed explation of topic like BGP/MPLS/QOS which would helpful toward your journey CCIE Routing Switching or Service Provider.

    INE also going to redo its CCIP VOD series probably Next Month, If you have enough budget you can start from there.



  • From real life prospective there are few concerns. For example lets take BGP and MPLS. R&S CCIE Teach you about these from enterprise environment point of view not from service provider point of view. But technically its the ISP side where we run these technologies at their best. For enterprise side, knowing how BGP works, How to play with attributes, RRs & Confederations are enough. But ISP side also focus heavily on it's convergence and fine tunning, Large scale RR Designs using Clusters, Implementing BGP based security features such as RTBHF etc.


    Doing CCIP before CCIE R&S would of course help since little extra knowledge never hurts but it's not "MUST" kind of idea. Also you should try to see the other side like what extra time this CCIP will add into your CCIE R&S Preparation Schedule and what if R&S lab blueprint gets changed in the middle of your CCIP prepration. Also CCIP will add up additional 600 $ (Assuming you also did CCNP) into your R&S Lab budget.



    Deepak Arora

  • For me personally,  I feel it is a value add to go for the CCIP.  It did add a couple of months to my studying, but I was ok with that.  I wanted a deeper understanding of the technologies from both perspectives.  I am on the long road, no rush.  Willing to accept a blueprint change if it happens.

    :o)  Of course I am at the end of my studying.  I have my BGP/MPLS composite test in six hours.



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