ATC Video 28: Why is Seattle to Seattle localized as 10D and not 7D?


In  ATC Video 28 "Incoming PSTN Call - Calling Number" - Mark is illustrating the principle of "Localization at Call Egress".

However the Seattle Ph incoming call via PSTN is localized at the destination Seattle IP Phone as 10D, viz., 2065015111.

Why isn't the ANI localized as 7D - 5015111?

Is Seattle a 10D NPA?



  • Mustang;

         I will need to go back and watch this video again, but I am going to assume that it is based on the area where the call is egressing, along with the carrier's requirements and/or what they are willing to accept.  Most North American carriers will accept E.164, 11D, 10D and 7D if appropriate, so I would say that the "localization" of the number will depend on the local area that you are in, and what is appropriate.

         I will step out on a limb here and say to make sure that you understand your local carriers, and digit delivery as part of this.  One of my only complaints with Cisco's testing methodology (and thereby INE's training materials) is that they are VERY focused on NANP, and don't spend a lot of time talking about deltas in digit delivery/manipulation for carriers in other areas of the world.  To be fair though, engineers at the CCIE level should be able to correlate the material and functions to map their local providers and implementatins.

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