Multilink PPP over framerelay

I am having a doubt weather we can only use virtual-template
configuration for mlpppover framerelay for 7500 or 7600 routers only .


If i am having 2800 ISR model then can i only use multilink-group configuration ,virtual template doesnot apply or not ?


My doubt is Can somebody explain why we cannot/should-not use virtual-template for non 7500/7600?


  • Hi Adam,


    In the link you included in your post, at the top of that section, it gives you this link which it tells you to follow if you have a 7[56]00 router for configuring MLPPP using the Virtual Template interface. Now I am not sure why that link tells you at the top - not to use the Virtual Template on any other routers (I'd have to look into their thinking a bit deeper there) - but I can assure you that for Voice and providing an LFI mechanism when FRF.12 is restricted - that a Virtual Template is in fact the way you should go on any router - including 2[89]xx routers.


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