CCIE #29865

Finally after almost 2 years since CCIE project was born in my head I passed it in Brussels. It took me far too many times (4 in total) but that's not relevant now. I passed configuration section 3 times so will really focus on troubleshooting that i was struggling with.

What i was missing for first 2 attempts was troubleshooting guidelines section and I still can't believe how stress can affect your vision :)

Having read this forum I realized there must be something I missed because I kept getting marked down for 1-2 tickets I was 100% sure I solved.

Its not even a secret (thanks sa1)

Advise for future candidates would be to listen to the proctor's introduction carefully and read Questions AND Guidelines - sounds simple but was too hard for me to achieve :)

Also, get yourself a plan how you want to troubleshoot every technology, basic checks, simplicity and order is the key and in the heat of the moment you would not believe how soft your brain becomes so you need automatic reaction to specific problems.

in the end of the day for me it was not about technology but stress and psychology. No matter how good you are once you get cold sweat on your back and adrenaline pumping through your veins your brain can be cut off leaving you absolutely useless starring at the screen and not understanding what they ask you to do + voices at the back of your head "you are not going to make it". Once the stress is gone and you reconnect brain to the rest of the body you will see the issue and solve it.



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