looking for general suggestions for v3 lab



1) Do I need to redraw a diagram? PS: I didn't do this in RS v4, but there were less number of devices.

2) Will the screen be much scattered with 25 separate terminals? Is there a chance to use a window per device? I like this way more.

3) In my previous sp v2 attempt, the lab was completed in 5.5h. And  1 hour was spent on tackling with some IOS bugs, i hope this version of the lab has no bugs.

Should I use configure as much as possible approach and verify everything if spare time left or better verify the tasks on the fly?





  • i can totally relate to BUGS killing your lab. Spent 40 mins troubleshooting mpls label issue in v2. Simple reload cured it but torubleshooting alone zaps your energy levels.

    After working on ios xr, it seems less buggy, i say that with my fingers crossed but its the IOS that i am actually worried about.

    on your 2nd point, i am thinking that we wouldnt need to open up 25 terminals all at the same time as specfic questions/tasks will require you to work on few routers at a time so i guess no of window sessions will depend on how many devices you need to configure for a specific task.

    On your last point, personally i would verify before moving onto the next question but really is a personal choice.



  • I was always wondering about default Windows-style PASTE function with right click via context menu in the LAB.

    I understand that it can be changed via Putty settings for Composite paste at least, i don't remember how many buttons in the LAB mouse and if Unix style paste can be selected with middle button.

    But this windows paste was always killing my time. I often close/open terminal windows to save place and putty can save such settings only in the profile, which must be selected before opening a session.

    Does anybody know if permanent Unix style PASTE can be achieved in the LAB ;)

    Also why not to implement terminal TABs instead of DOCcd seach option, announced recently on Cisco Live. I specially tested Search, it still doesn't work.








  • Lenin since you have already taken the SPv3 what was the feed back on the usage window paste and unix stype paste?


    thank you



  • I didn't manage to practice with Unix style paste. This question arose after my exam attempt.




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