Task 5.1 next-hop-self -> BB routers

The solution guide uses neighbor x.x.x.x next-hop-self
towards BB1, BB2 and BB3. I believe this is not necessary, since it happens by default on ebgp peerings.



  • Can someone please explain to me how route-reflectors aren't used in the solution, considering the IBGP peering that follows:

    SW1 <> R1
    R1 <> R3
    R3 <> R2


    SW2 <> R5
    R5 <> R4
    R4 <> R6

    Please tell me how BGP learned routes from R2 are passed to R1, or SW1 knowing that IBGP learned routes aren't passed onto to other IBGP peers. R2 isn't peering with R1, or SW1. Also, SW1 isn't peering with R3, etc. Please let me know if this is correct, or I am missing something here.

    R1 is RR for SW1 (client) and SW3 (client)
    R3 is RR for R1 (client) and R2 (client)


    R5 is RR for SW2 (client) and R4 (client)
    R4 is RR for R5 (client) and R6 (client)

    thanks, DC
  • Nmind, if I would have only read ahead like i was suppose to...please disregard my last post. Thanks! DC
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