Roseland, NJ - Cisco UCS - Urgent need for 5-day/40-hour demonstration engagemnt

Looking for a talented and highly skilled Cisco UCS/Voice expert to perform an onsite 5-day project to demonstration feature and functionality as well as review andaddress design questions in Roseland, NJ. Further project details are available on request. If interested and available, please respond immediately with current resume and required rate. Email to [email protected]

This Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Demonstration is a five day, hands-on engagement -
optimized for customer interaction and knowledge transfer utilizing a pre-configured demonstration kit.
This service addresses the initial configuration, management of UCS and provides an introduction to the
many features, functionality and capabilities associated with the platform.
? Introduction of the Unified Computing Architecture
? Demonstration and Knowledge Transfer of Unified Computing System Architecture
? Hands-on configuration of the UCS Platform
? Day 1: Pre-Implementation Activity
? Day 2and 3: Knowledge Transfer and Functional Demonstration
? Day 4 and 5: OS Deployment and testing
? Remote Follow Up - Remote session to answer UCS hardware and functionality questions as they
come up
? Project Close and DEMO KIT return to Seller
Day One covers the Planning, Discovery, Design and Knowledge Transfer Workshop sections of the
CDW engagement methodology, including the following tasks:
? UCS Presentation
? Introductions and team member role familiarization
? Component review
? Chassis
? Fabric Extenders
? Blades
? Fabric Interconnects
? Power and Cooling
? Determine physical connectivity from demo kit to Customer environment
? Management Ethernet (three 10/100/1000Base-T)
? In-band Ethernet (two or four 1000Base-T or 10GBase-SR)
? FibreChannel (zero, two, or four 1/2/4/8 Gbps FC)
? Power (Four 200-240VAC C20 receptacles and four 100-240VAC C14 receptacles)
? Determine LAN networking configuration
? VLAN ID/name definition
? Server interface definitions (physical and virtual)
? failover and teaming
? exposure to OS
? 802.1q trunking configuration
? LAN uplink configuration: 802.1q trunking, 802.3ad port-channels, spanning-tree.
? Determine SAN networking configuration (optional)
? VSAN usage
? Server WWNN and WWPN pools
? N-Port Virtualization
? If boot-from-SAN is desired, , agree on per-server parameters:
? Server name
? WWPN assignments for fabrics A and B
? WWPN and LUN ID of SAN target (up to four; two on Fabric A and two on B)
? Document all configuration changes needed to connect UCS to customer's LAN/SAN
? Assist customer with applying the changes
? Customer change control procedures should be cleared in advance.
? Document all configuration changes needed to disconnect UCS from customer's LAN/SAN
infrastructure when the project closes.
Day Two covers the Implementation and Knowledge Transfer Workshop sections of the CDW
engagement methodology, including the following tasks:
? As part of this UCS Demonstration Seller engineer will utilize the following components:
? One (1) Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Server Chassis which includes:
? Three (3) B200 M2 blade server;
? Two (2) Cisco Fabric Extenders;
? System components, such as CPU, memory, HDD, mezzanine cards;
? Accompanying power supply units and fan trays.
? Two (2) Cisco UCS 6120 Series Fabric Interconnects each contains;
? Cisco UCS Manager (embedded with UCS 6100)
? N10-E0060 (6 port 8/4/2/1 G Fibre Channel)
? (4) SFP-H10GB-CU5M
? (8) GLC-T 1000BASE-t SFP
? Physically place UCS equipment
? Connect all cables
? Label and store all packing materials on-site
? Configure and validate all LAN and SAN connectivity.
? Following areas will be discussed with the customer staff:
? Component and software redundancy and modularity
? Ethernet, Fibre Channel and FCoE connectivity options
? Adapter review: VIC
? Out of Band Management
? UCS Manager
? Seller will provide an onsite UCS workshop in order to perform knowledge transfer on the
architecture, design, functions and features. The demonstration and guided configuration will
cover both UCS hardware, software and systems management components. This will be a two (2)
day workshop consisting of a presentation, whiteboard, and hands on configuration pertaining to
the operation of the UCS platform in the customer's environment.
Day Three covers the Knowledge Transfer Workshop, Implementation and Testing sections of the CDW
engagement methodology, including the following tasks:
? The Customer will collaborate with Seller engineers to install one or more OS's on the UCS
chassis, and ensure that these systems are linked to and accessible from the Customer's internal
? VMware ESX/ESXi 4.0/4.1 Hypervisor Installation
? Seller will demonstrate the method for installing ESX/ESXi software supplied by
Customer. The Seller staff will then assist the Customer Staff to install vCenter
software on one of the Blade Servers and configure it to manage the ESX hosts.
Optionally, an existing vCenter installation can be used.
? Seller will assist in the configuration of Virtual Machines and configuring guest
operating systems, and proving the functionality of vMotion, High Availability,
? Supported Linux or Microsoft OS
? Seller will demonstrate the method for installation supported Linux or Microsoft
operating system installation and then install the operating system supplied by
Customer. Seller will install a minimum of one operating system on one of the
Blade Servers and configure them through the UCS Systems Management
? Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V can be installed, but Seller can provide only
minimal assistance for configuring these platforms.
? Client will provide media in ISO format.
Following items taken from Cisco document "Evaluation Criteria" dated 2/16/2011 will be demonstrated
by CDW in cooperation with the customer's IT personnel:
? Deploy Base System
? Setup Fabric Interconnects (FI)
? Establish Required Pools
? Attach and Configure Chassis
? Install and Discover Blades
? Setup Organizational Units
? Setup Users and Security
? Setup Service Profiles
? Implement Workloads
? Install Boot from SAN Windows 2008 Server (64bit)
? Install Boot From SAN VMWare VSphere Server(s) (DAY 2 and 3)
? System Management
? Demonstrate UCSM Based Management of UCS and Virtualized Environment
? Configure SNMP Traps and IPMI based System Management
? License Installation Procedure
? Failure Scenario Testing
? Backup UCS System Using Full Backup (XML Export)
? Fabric Interconnect Failure Test
? IOM Failure Test
? Uplink Failure Test - Ethernet
? Uplink Failure Test - SAN
? Reset System to Factory Default and Restore UCS Backup

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