Cisco Press Books

anyone else notice that the paper quality of Cisco press books is on a downward spiral?  You especially notice this if you are in the habit of you have to sorta hope that the otherside of the page also has important stuff cause of bleed thru. Also most of the newer books are softcover...which is not condusive at all to long term usage of the book....or carrying it around in a book bag.

most people wont even notice the above unless they have older copies of books ...the older books are almost a pleasure to highlight...the paper almost glossy...


just saying...




  • Haven't done much analysis yet but things also changes depending upon from where you buy books. For example in India Cisco press has tie up with Pearson India. They release something called LPI (Low Price Edition) version of Cisco press books to suit the market standard of Indian market. So if some Cisco press cost you 80 USD for example may cost me 800 INR in India which is roughtly 15 USD. But paper quaility is not good of LPI edition compare to original cisco press books.



    Deepak Arora

  • I live in the US..books average here around $70/book. These books cost the same but i've seen a steady decline in the quality of book.


    I'd gladly shell out another ..lets say $30 for better paper quality and a hardcover (but we do not have that option). Cisco is charging the same $ it did previously but with decreased quality of paper and the books are soft cover. 


    Thing is, i write personal notes in my books so i need them to last. I cant buy all my books over every 5 years and go thru them page by page redoing the notes i did in the previous purchase of the same book.


    for example...several years back i gave away Jon T moys OSPF ws a hardcover...not i regret doing so because you CANT buy a hardcover anymore...well you can...for around $190 for used...

    although this made me go to amazon and check and i just purchased one for $20 hardcover..used..!!!

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