Question on R&S Workbook vs LAB

I am planning to start CCIE R&S self paced training with INE. I've been contacting sales team about pricing and offer. I have question which I thought of asking this forum, would be useful for someone who is looking for information like me. Kindly ignore if these kind of questions are answered already, I couldnt find information related to my doubt.

1. I am planning to buy R&S Lab workbooks which I understand will be having technology scenarios to gain hands on. Do I need to practice the lab workbooks using my own GNS3? Or vRack will be enough to use the lab workbook samples?

2. Is that INE vRack is based on the GNS3 platform?

As I am new to this online training concept, any response will be much appreciated and will faster my process towards CCIE goal. Thanks.


  • In short :

    INE officially don't support or release GNS based version anymore. They use to have GNS version for vol2 which is not the case now. For vol 1,3,4 there is no gns version. So only option left is to either go for rack rentals from them or buy a rack for yourself.


    Though GNS is free ware and you can still try to put some efforts to comeup with INE topology on it by your own, not sure though that doing that will break any kind of agreement with INE for your purchases.



    Deepak Arora


  • If you live on the east coast...i bought my whole rack from Candella networks


    ask for raymond> ..they were even nice enough to give me the IOS i wanted . 


    I'd buy my can substitute 3550s for the 60s and later do some rack rental and fill in the holes (private v-lans etc)

  • I would look into building a hybrid dynamips lab.

    2x 3550s, 2x 3560s

    1x Linux server for dynamips/gns3 (Quad-Core Intel/AMD CPU, 4GB+ memory. with 3x Quad-Port NICS.)

    This is really the best way to go in my opinon. Saves on power, money, and is simply very easy to use once its all setup.



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