Running labs with VMWARE and QUAD-NIC

Hey all,


  So I'm finally down to just TSHOOT and need to setup a bunch of labs. The TSHOOT lab manual ( ) specifies setting up several XP hosts (inlcuding one multi-purpose server). My goal was to do this using my quad-core intel box, a quad-nic and VMWARE. I've finally got the box built up (host OS Win7) and got the quad-nic setup with appropriate drivers. Does anyone know how I can bind (or bridge maybe?) an individual ethernet port to an individual guest VM? Sorry, not much of a VMWARE guy, so hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!




  • OK, So I decided to spend a little time on this earlier today and finally got the result I was looking for. I ended up using the "Virtual Network Editor" to bridge VMNET2 with QUAD-NIC_1 on my machine host machine. I then selected VMNet2 as a "custom" network adapter under the "Network Adapter" settings on the VM. I knew I was in the area of the right answer but wasn't sure how long it would take to figure out a simple way. I was able to test it out today and was able to verifiy all connectivity. I only seem to be having an issue getting my Ubuntu box to actively send DHCP-Requests, but that's a separate issue for another day. I'm pretty sure I should be good to go now, thank you for all your effort and hopefully this helps any other VMware n00bs like myself.





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