Dynamips Locklizard Issues

I've having issues with opening up the Dynamips Locklizard pdfs once in a while. It'll open the pdc file and display the InternetworkExpert logo overlay and I can see the DOC opened in the background. However, it's all locked up and I have to manually force shut it. The Internetwork logo won't disappear like it usually does. Once this happens I can't access the DOC for at least a day. This is killing my schedule at times as I prepare for a lab and get all ready to start and I can't open the friggen lab document. : Anyone else having these issues or know a workaround to get around this?


Locklizard, Lock lizard


  • I don't think there is any Now the Dynamips Vol2 Workbook has such issue. I would recommend you to generate a ticket in support Section.



  • You shouldn't need Lock Lizard for the files anymore.   Download the latest version from the members site.

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