1.15 Layer 3 EtherChannel

Hi all,

I am using v5.019 for this workbook.

In the 1.15 Layer 3 EtherChannel task there are no instruction to either use no protocol or LACP/PAgP.

It only says "Ensure reachability is obtained between SW4 and SW2 over the segment". I have therefore chosen NOT to use LACP/PAgP for this Port-Channel.

However when I check the solution it says "Use an industry standard protocol to negotiate the Port-Channel configuration".

My questions are therefore:

1- During the real exam LAB, if I choose the same method (channel-group mode on) will I be granted points assuming pings are crossing the Po24 and all links are up in the aggregate ?

2- When the instructions do not mention a specific way to configure the port-channel (On, LACP, PAgP) which method should I select?



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