This is it! CCIE 28995 RS...Victor Olenic


Finally the long journey has come to the end...I passed the lab exam in Brussels a couple of days ago...this was my third attempt.

Many thanks to all of you who posted on this forum, from success stories to technical stuff - really helped me a lot...I still remember the days when I started INE Vol I and the very long pile of documents on my work desk - I am looking at them now as I am writing this :-)

Looking back in retrospect I would study things a little bit different should I start the whole thing again... anyways, I used the following:

TCP/IP Doyle&Carol Vol 1 and 2

CCIE RS Exam Cert Guide Cisco Press

CCIE RS Configuration Practice Labs M. Duggan - Cisco Press

INE Vol 1 2 3 4 + DocCD

4 Mock Labs

I took the Mock Labs after my second attempt and I would recommend them as a final preparation tool - at least take one after 10 Vol 2 labs and one at the end to gauge your pace and to get a realistic feeling about the real lab.

I would also have  one suggestion to other candidates regarding the TS part : learn to troubleshoot fast just by looking at the config, i.e. practice with templates and the good old show run, my feeling during each attempt was that you just don't have enough time to troubleshoot each ticket in the way things are done in Vol 4 - this is a personal view and maybe others have a different approach...

For the config part learn the basics and learn them damn good - the exam will test you extensively on the core stuff and the rest will be common sense if you studied INE Vol 1 & 2. From Vol 3 the most useful pat for me was the redistribution scenario in each lab - far better than the ones in Vol2 and I would recommend Vol 3 exactly for this...

Many thanks to my girlfriend, my family and friends who supported me on this journey, with ups and downs...this message is dedicated to all of you!! and for my learning colleagues that are now reading this - never give up! you will get the number one day, just keep on and stay focused!


  • kehagenkehagen ✭✭

    Very inspiring.  Thank you for writing this and congratulations on all your hard work!

  • Congratz Victor!

    Good write-up[Y]

  • Congratulations


        and I agree with you on the ts part, VOL IV assumes you have time and 2 hours goes pretty quickly. thanks for the write up.

  • Congrats Victor! 

    I liked Vol3's redisribution sections as well, but also because the labs made me feel good after completing them.  At times when my studies/focus slowed down, completing a vol 3 lab would give me a boost.  They're short and sweet and definitely helpful.

  • Congrats Victor !!!!

    Nice post and share...


    Keep it up..

  • Hi Victor,

    Great news !!! Congratulations on your R&S CCIE.

    Outstanding !!!

    Great effort and you deserve it and I'm glad that you made it.

    I knew you could do it. Congrats again...


  • Congrats Buddy !!!




    Deepak Arora


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