dialer load-threshold <1-255> in PPPoE ? ip ospf demand-circuit ?? 2 questions.

I remember from the olden days that the dialer load-threshold cmd ws used to bring (i think) the second Bri channel up immediately when the first when up by setting the threshold to 1.


Any use for this command when doing PPPoE....is there some sort of similar bundling of links where only one goes up unless the load-threshold is set to one to bring the other one up along with the first?    <would Dialer idle-timeout also be a viable cmd in such a situation?> (anything i should be aware of with PPP multilink and these cmd?)





Special thanx to Keith Barker for making me aware of the dial on demand option with PPPoE where you have to define interesting traffic(just like in the ISDN days) in below blog  


which brings me to....

...would the   pppoe-client dial-pool-number 1 dial-on-demand option  work in conjunction with  ip ospf demand-circuit if OSPF were in use?


I know its a lot of questions but any help appreciated.






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