Gns3 and Physical Switches for CCIE R and S Lab 4.0

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I am going to build up my lab by using combination of Virtual Routers GNS3 and Physical Switches as follow:

- 3 x 3550 Layer 3 Switches
- 2 x 3560 Layer 3 Switches

I will use one 3550 switch as breakout Switch? do you have guys any suggestions to complete my order






  • That should work out just fine. Just in case you didn't know.... The 3550 does not do Auto-MDIX, so depending on your setup, you need to use crossover cables going from 3550 to 3550.

  • i have ordered 18 cross over cables also. so i can finalize my items?? any other suggestions from engineers?


  • Keep in mind while you are going through your labs that CDP is not going to work between routers using a 3550 as a breakout switch.  If you want CDP to work correctly you could use a 3560 as your breakout switch.

  • so do you mean to say that i should order 3 * 3560 and 2*3550 . (24 ports)




  • If you want CDP to work correctly then yes.  I personally use a 3550 as my breakout switch.

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