WB VolI 2.10 Flexible Packet Matching



I've read the explanation and the solution on the workbook but I'm
still confused about the topic. Can anyone explain or point me to a link
what explais the difference and when to use class-map type stack and
class-map type access-control.

How do I work with them nested?


Do I need to know the type numbers and the protocol numers .. etc for the exam ?

class-map type stack ICMP_IN_IP_IN_ETHER
stack-start l2-start
match field ether type eq 0x800 next ip
match field layer 2 ip protocol eq 1 next icmp


PS. The task ask to filter the ICMP Echo packets with the string
“AAA” in the payload. and on the solution the action is to log instead



Thank you !

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