EzVPN configuration query on ASA

Hi All,


I am trying to understand different type of EzVPN scenarios and have some configuration related queries:


Scenario 1:


ASA 5520 (server) and ASA 5505(client) setup.


Q:I would like to know if we can have two interfaces (different subnets) on the ASA 5505 communicate through EzVPN through NEM mode. If yes, how it is done with configuration commands, if possible? Also, does it have to be directly connected network or we can have other networks pass traffic through EzVPN which lie behind a router connected to ASA 5505? As far, as I know on routers you can define the interface by using crypto ipsec client command on the interfaces...not sure about the ASAs?

Q:What will be the case if it is a EzVPN client mode for the above requirement?

Q: What is the requirement or procedure to define which networks to access in case of NEM mode?


I would really appreciate a quick response as I have to complete this assignment in couple of days.

Thanks in advance



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