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I'm going to be selling my lab very soon as my job and life has changed to the point I neither have the time or the necessity to pass my CCIE.  I will probably stick the lab on ebay but was wondering if there was any issues advertising it on here seeing as this the audience I would be looking at targeting.


Thanks, Ian


  • Can you please give some more details.  Devices? Asking price? Location? Shipping? 

  • Hi I have...

    1 x 2621XM

    1 x 2650XM

    1 x 2610XM

    2 x 2610

    2 x 2620

    1 x 2611

    3 x 2811

    2 x 3560

    2 x 3550

    All the serial cables, serial interfaces, ethernet cables and power cables also to build a full blown Internetworkexpert lab (6 routers, 1 terminal server, 1 frame router, 3 bbrouters and 4 switches).  I was able to run all of the INE labs without any issue (so IPv6 OSPF, ZBF was possible etc.)

    I'm based in Kent in the UK and as for price I hadn't considered this too much at this stage I need to take a look at what the going rate is for a lab.  However I wouldn't be looking to rip anyone off, just really be looking to recoup my costs.  I know the expense of committing to this venture.

    Shipping obviously we would need to look into if there was a serious offer to buy.  Everything is currently boxed (multiple devices per box) so a courier company could easily manage this.

    Cheers, Ian



  • Hi Ian, would you consider splitting part up or are looking to sell her a a whole. I would looking at the 2811 & 3560's.


  • My preference would be to sell as a whole, however if thats not possible of course I would consider splitting.  Do you want to email me spearately to discuss?

  • Big EvilBig Evil

    Hi Ian,

    Sorry for not replying sooner, please drop me a PM advising how much cash you are looking for?



  • Hello Ian,

    Did you sell your gear yet? I fnot, let me know what you want for it...


  • I haven't no.  Im UK based would that be a problem?

  • How much for the 3560s shipped to the US?

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