VoIP Anti-blocking Solution

Today many ISPs controlled by government are performing blockage of VoIP all over the world, especially in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Africa. Speedvoip is the professional provider of VoIP anti-blocking (hardware & software), and we have unique Security Solution which helps Wholesaler, ITSP and reseller to bypass VoIP Blockage.Middle East and Africa are VoIP blocking areas. Your customers can use your service in Gulf and Africa by this solution. You can choose the software and hardware freely.

VoiceGuard Products (hardware and software option)


1)   VoiceGuard Standalone Client(VGSC) for Windows – Perform encryption for  any brands of ATA, such as Linksys PAP2.

2)   VoiceGuard Standalone Client Lite(VGSClite) for Windows – Perform encryption for any brands of Softphone, such as X-lite

3)   VoiceGuard Communicator(VGCommunicator) – Fully SIP compatible Softphone/Dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services

4)   VoiceGuard Bundle series(VGBundle) - Integration with X-Lite, eyebeam, Bria Softphone from Counterpath bypass ISP blocking.



5)  VoiceGuard SPE VoIP Adapter(VGSPE) – VoIP anti-blocking ATA device which is available in 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports.

6)   VoiceGuard Border Controller (VGBC) – Hardware, Support any brands of ATA/IP phone/Adapter for existing legacy ATAs, such as Linksys PAP2


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