lab results

Took my lab on Friday and just got the results in like 10 minutes ago.  Unfortunately I did not pass.  I thought it was going to be close but herein is where my problem lies,

My test results I thought were so way off base that it was almost unrealistic.  Maybe this is the problem with taking an exam on Friday and not getting it graded until Sunday night.

The score report only said I got an 18% in the TS part.  Are they nuts????  Without breaking any NDA I know for a fact that I validated at least 7 working tickets.  18% ??? that’s like 1 ticket in the whole two hours your given.  This seems very very odd in my opinion.

The layer 2 section was a snap.  Very easy tasks IMO and didn’t go to crazy having me configuring to many weird things.  Again, the score report had me at 36%.  Now this is a real joke.  I validated that each and every one of the tasks were met before I moved on.  I had full layer two connectivity satisfying the specific requirements that were asked for but 36%.  Again seems very very weird.

I had 0% in three of my configuration sections.  0% in the optimize the network, multicast, and services.

Something is very strange.  I don’t want to request a re-grade as I don’t think I passed anyway specially due to missing a couple of TS tickets but this score report leave me totally clueless.

I really think they got me mixed up with the guy sitting next to me that was cursing his monitor the entire session..LOL  I studied 30hrs a week for 8 months for this thing.

Has anyone else had this type of issue??


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