Approaching Vol.2's Labs

Hi Guys,

I just want some ideas in how are you guys most of time approaching the Vol.2's Labs. I'm currently with Vol.2 and this my current approach for each lab:

1. Preliminar steps like redrawing IGP diagram and draw others, read all lab's section, etc etc.

2. Resolve any section by myself and use the cisco docs (i.e. command reference) if necessary.

3. Skip and mark the sections that I don't yet understand

4. Redo the Vol.1's Labs, read the related docs and see the ATCoD for each technology/protocol that I didnt understand and marked previously

5. Go back to Vol.2's Lab and do the skipped labs

6. Review each section by using the solution guide and redo what I did wrong based on the solution guide


Well its seems that this approach is taking me too long or more than just one week for each Vol.2's Lab and at moment I'm just with Lab 1, or probably because this is just my first Vol.2 lab (which is making me feel like I still don't nothing) after the Vol.1 mini labs. Please ideas and comments would appreciated here.


Thanks a lot,


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