How to debug CoPP operation

Looking for any "debug" related to CoPP to see traffic that's getting dropped by CoPP configuration/operation during lab. Ofcourse don't want to see tons of other unneccessary traffic.


Thanks in advance !!!


  • Your classes will show what traffic is being dropped and if you see traffic not matched by that you can create your own "class-default" which matches the rest of the traffic with at deny ip any any log. Show policy-map control-plane input is a very useful command. I'm not sure if there is an actual debug command for CoPP.

    There is a command called debug control-plane. I have never used it though, maybe you could try it out.

  • I was looking for CoPP debug for two reasons :


    1. I want to see how certain type of traffic is getting dropped by CoPP in real time to see if my applied CoPP config is working prefectly.

    2. Say I am doing TS section and usually I avoid to use "sh run" to save time. In some situation I verify all of my L2 and L3 config and later found's CoPP. So next time just when my L2 and L3 configs I found correct I just want to quickly run "debug xxx" for quick verification if CoPP is the culprit.


    Anyone ?

  • debug ip packet detail shoud show you.

  • debug ip packet will not only give tons of output but also may kill my router :-)

  • Hey ddepak try this


    class-map type logging match-any ABC

    match packets dropped


    policy-map type logging XYZ

    class ABC




    service-policy type logging input XYZ

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