CCIP BGP/MPLS workbook

I am studying BGP using INE CCIP BGP VOD's and completed 23 lectures till now.But as i am moving forward with my BGP studies i am getting overwhelmed with topics like distribute list/as path filters/prefix-list/community/reg exp's and feel the best way to grasp these topics is by doing hand's on practice.

Keith has done awesome job in explaining the concepts for those who are new to these technologies but i feel the product is incomplete without a workbook.Unfortunately there is no workbook available for for BGP /MPLS professional level certifications.

I saw an update on INE blog that they will be updating all courses which were not done by current instructors. Are CCIP BGP/MPLS on this list as well?

If yes, do you have any plans to accompany workbook along with updated product which can be used with GNS3.

Your response will be highly appreciated.



  • CCIP is very exiting certification compare to CCNP. But it's little more harder too to get compare to CCNP.

    Now going back to Idea of distribute list and prefix-list, those pretty much work in same fashion as they work in IGPs ( But direction you apply it in does matter in Link States). Though from my personal experience I can tell that Complex prefis lists and Reg Ex is a skill that comes with lots of practice and hard work.

    For Communities try this -

    For Prefix Lists -

    For Regex -



    Now as far Idea about CCIP training from INE goes, though Keith and Anghony might have done a good job but I am pretty sure Brian MCghan is going to take things to different level. His CLI approach to ensure you see how things work in background has not match in Industry. That's why people Enjoy CCIE ATC from Brian more than anything else including myself.

    But what I expect to see is Petr doing QOS COD along with Brian M. Not sure why he don't record COD in his voice.

    But you point is valid that they should come up with Workbooks along with New CCIP series products to ensure students get enough hands on practice by labbing stuff to get better understanding and to increase their confidence level.

    Also they should update CCNP workbook for Troubleshoot Exam IMHO.

    But in the mean while what best can be done by INE is to see if they can sell R&S vol 1 technology sections as separate product to help people who just want to focus on single technology for a moment like BGP labs.


    Deepak Arora




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