Dynamips for v4.1 Vol I?

Does anyone have a set of initial configurations and the Dynamips .ini file for Volume I of version 4.1?  I'm starting to work on writing it, but thought I would check before I got too far down the road.  I know that some switch commands don't work on the Dynamips platform (yet?), but I'll take whatever I can get.  I'm in Baghdad, Iraq and the bandwidth is low, delay high, and packet loss extraordinary.






  • Well I suggest , use new IE web -1 ver 5 workbook eventhough it is beta stage but so far they have released : Bridge and swicthing , Frame-relay ,RIP , EIGRP

    good news that it is using same topology like IE WB - II

    you can also download initial config from your account.

  • I've got a ticket in about the .PDC files (LockLizard) because I get an error when I try to open the file. Web access is not an option because of bandwidth limitations: I need to be able to use Dynamips until I return to the USA.

    I'll go ahead and download what I can on the assumption that we'll get my issue with Acrobat/LockLizard fixed.

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