How to change the mock lab

Hi guys, this is my second mock lab but the system is telling that will load the same lab 1, how can I chage this, my session should started 40 minutes ago. help!!


  • I found this under the area members:

    "All configurations can also be loaded from the GradedLabs control panel if you rent rack sessions"

    But in the Graded Labs control panel there is nothing to change the configs, the lab already begins...

  • I opened a ticket with graded labs and the solution was to refunded the tokens, I still need to know where to change the lab.

  • It is in your Graded Labs Control panel.  AS soon as you schedule it go into there and change what lab you want to do.  If you wait until 30 minutes prior to your start time you cannot change it and it will default to Lab 1.

  • Thanks man, I see it now, problem was that I got in there 15 minutes before the lab begins, then I never saw the option. Lucky me that people from graded labs refunded the tokens, good deal!!.



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