Auto QOS in 3560 Switch.

Hi Mark,

Please Clarify.

1) Is there any difference in auto-qos between cisco 3560 and cisco 3750.

2) Rightnow I am practising on INE rack rental

HQ-SW1#show running-config interface f0/4
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 209 bytes
interface FastEthernet0/4
 switchport access vlan 13
 switchport mode access
 srr-queue bandwidth share 10 10 60 20
 priority-queue out
 mls qos trust cos
 auto qos voip trust
 spanning-tree portfast


After running auto-qos it seems srr-queue bandwidth shape command is missing ?

3) mls qos trust cos as it is meant to trust inbound traffic and NOT  for changing outbound traffic ?

You didn't answer my previous question  [:'(] I hope you will answer this question [:D]


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