Cisco TAC: geeky-techie are being looked for!

Hi guys,


I haven't been here for a while, hope you all are doing good.

This time I'm chasing after those of you possessing a solid working
knowledge in Cisco Voice technologies. I hope that
Voice guys out there are looking forward to bring their experience to
Cisco TAC Voice Team, Brussels location.

The expectations are: a techie-geeky person, eager to delve how that
stuff really works, with clear logical vision and passion to
troubleshoot things, stress-agnostic.

The good part is that the technical pre-requisites are flexible - good
Voice guys are rare, let's face it, is just one of them. Having that
said I mean a successful candidate do not have to be a Cisco Voice
Expert, well-deserved mature CCVP level would be sufficient to be
considered seriously.

To stress out - CCVP certification is not required either. Every TAC
team uses a skill-set approach, which means if you know the H.323, but
do not give a shit to SIP for instance - it is not a big deal, we can
live with that, we'll tech you or give some time to master it on your

Hereafter I'd like to share some feedback I've got dealing with the applications so far:

Please do not expect that Cisco will guide and train you on every
possible sub-technology to be on track. Though TAC is a great learning
curve that one could have over his/her career in Networking, there is no
way to start from scratch, especially for people on-boarding from
abroad - they are experienced at least in one or two adjoint areas.

Please do not expect any miracles about that job, you'll not turn
out to be a star by just doing troubleshooting on a day-to-day basis,
moreover, at some point in time you'll find yourself sick sitting on the
edge, but would you have an opportunity to learn stuff, dig into
engineering specs, learn from the source code, meet those smart people
from the book titles you read and many others? heck yeah!

Relocation to Brussels is required. Current employment by a partner could turn out to be an issue.


Also, there are other teams where one might utilize his/her passion: Network Management Services, Wireless, Lan Switching, Content Networking, Security and a few others.


If you are interested or know somebody to refer, please reply unicast with a CV in txt - it is mandatory :)



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