2.10 - alternate solution

In my solution I use med.

Hope that's valid.



  • Yes,

    That is my solution also. Prepending is more powerful option but MED should be a viable solution also unless specified that we may not use it?

  • Hi Daniel,

       Yes, i would say in the BGP section you could mangle any attributes, as long as they don't imply you anything or you break something else (which can be the case, i saw it :) ).

    Good luck with your studies!


  • Following the wording of the solution, I went for the more complicated solution : conditional route-advertisement.

    With other solutions, you cannot guarantee that the upstream router is not configured with some weight or local-preference that would make the other path prefered whatever tweak you apply to the as-path or MED...


  • Because they are consecutive networks I used aggregation (to a /23) and an unsuppress-map on R6 neighbor

    Is that valid too?

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