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Hi there.

I apologise if this has been asked many times before. I'm in the process of putting my lab together, and I'm hoping to get at least the Vol II workbook.


I've currently got my dynamips box running with 2 EMI 3550's. I can borrow 2 3560's from work, but these are the 8 port models (though they actually give 9 ports of course) - This doesn't fir with the INE topology. I could rewire now and then, or just get another 2 3550's and keep the 3560 separate.


I would prefer to make the 3560's work, but too much rewiring is a hassle when you're trying to just lab.

What are the suggestions here? Advantages and Disadvantages of each? There is no option for work to get the 12 port 3560's as we use the 8 port models to terminate metro-e circuits, so only 2 ports really needed.



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