IPv6 RedistributionMissing in ATC

Would you guys mind adding IPv6 EIGRPv6 <-> OSPFv3 <-> RIP NG redistribution in ATC. Also little fun with IPv6 ACL and Summarization techniques will be helpful. As I am about to finish IPv6 study for lab and this is the only thing left on my IPv6 study chart.


Also another concern is "NAT PT" , "DUAL Stack" & "MPBGP for IPv6" ..... As these topics are not on blueprint so should I leave those ?




  • NAT-PT you will find on my Expanded Blueprint. Dual-stack is of course covered in the exam but does not require explicit study. It referes to a technology that takes place behind the scenes when your Cisco interface runs IPv4 and IPv6 concurrenty.

    MP-BGP for IPv6 is not currently in my Expanded Blueprint. I covered it in the 3 Day IPv6 Bootcamp for completion sake and mainly to show how simple it is.

  • So in the mean while can you add IPv6 redistribution in ATC ver 4 or arrange a seminar ?



  • Yeah - I can do a seminar. It will be next year, however.

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