Tracking the MAC address

The scenario is quite simple.


One host with no IP address connected to a L2 interface. Switch interface up/up status.

We don't have access on the host.

In which way we can find out the mac of the host.?!

There should be a way to force the host to send some L2 traffic, from switch side.


  • Hi,

    The show port-security address should provide this data. Port Security setup using default values follows:

    SW1(config-if) switchport mode access

    SW1(config-if) switchport port-security

    If an IP phone is connected, add:

    SW1(config-if) switchport port-security maximum 2

  • Hi,


    This is not working. Tried this already.

    With or without port-security, to have this mac-address lerned on this L2 port there should be some traffic comming from the host.

    I've seen this question on many other forums, and most of the answers were graviting around port-security. I don't why?!?! Still, nobody ack that, yeah it's working and this is the answer.

    I tried using port-security and it's not working :(.




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