Task 2.4 - throttle spf 90 seconds

SG shows timers throttle spf 4000 10000 90000

Question: How do we know the "Maximum wait time between two consecutive SPFs is 90 seconds?  Comment?



  • I have the same question... any answers ??

  • Well, I guess the last parameter could be anything. This task only stated the first two parameter. I tried to check the 'default' value of this timers, and the default stated that the minimum nad maximum threshold are the same, that is 10 Sec


    So based on the default value, and it was not stated explicitly on the task, I choose the max-hold for Consecutive SPF the same as Min-hold time


  • I agree, I think the solution guide is just saying that you could have picked anything for the max, as only min is specified in the requirements.



  • The defaults are :

     Initial SPF schedule delay 5000 msecs
     Minimum hold time between two consecutive SPFs 10000 msecs
     Maximum wait time between two consecutive SPFs 10000 msecs

    So as it turns out, we are just decreasing the intial spf schedule and in fact making the CPU utilization worse instead of helping.

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