How to approach for ts scenarios.


Few considerations on ts lab section:


Assume, that there are 2 connections between AS100 and AS200. The problem is, that AS200 is not receiving some routes from AS100.

Would it be enough to implement solution only on one connection? It would not provide redundancy, but will solve the problem and shows the proctor that I know the solution and I can implement it.


Another one - the statement is, that router xxx does not have routes to some location. Is it okay to satisfy control plane only? or data plane must be okay as well?


Another example - let's assume, that we have FR cloud, and on one router there is fragmentation FRF.12 on physical if configured. it applies to all pvcs configured on this interface. The question states, that we need to assure, that large packets must go through the link (size > fr fragment size). We need to configure frf.12 on the second side of the link. Is it enough, or  we need to configure the fragmentation on every fr endpoint?


And another, final one - assume, that the task requires some modification on packet path. Is it enough to do it on actual packet path and don't care about posiibilities of different traffic path through the network in case of failure?




  • Yes to all of the above. Remember, ALL you need to do is satisfy the requirements of the troubleshooting ticket. They way to thing about it, is always try to solve it in the simplest possible way with the least possible number of commands.

    A word of warning though, make sure you read the requirements section carefully, and factor this in, so for example if it says don't remove any features, if a feature is half configured, you will have to complete the config rather than remove it if either resolves the problem. But only make the changes absolutely necessary to resolve the ticket.

    If it says "make sure these routes are in the routing table" that is all you need to acheive, not necessarily actual reachability.

  • @ cstosgale


    so you mean if my BGP table matches the required output and all routes being marked as best, though other peer as don't have route back to us.. will still get points?


    BTW...anyone have idea if such kind of tasks appearing in real config or ts lab where they just give you show output and ask you to match it?


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