CCNP then CCSP and CCIE Sec or Direct CCSP and CCIE Sec !!!!!

Hey Guys,

I have really been confused over it.My main AIM in life is to be awesome in Security devices whether it is ASA,PIX or Cisco Firewalls.I am already a MCSE in Security and CCNA certified.Currently i am studying for CCNP.I really wish to be CCIE in Security but to go through it we should be thorough with our basic CCNP Stuff.Hence i am planning to do CCNP then CCSP and then CCIE Security.But sometimes i feel i should be doing CCSP and then CCIE Security directly as CCNP will take me another year or two.Because i study it deeply and not rely on any dumps (At least i should know everything) Anywayz but since i am in India we do not have many jobs for CCSP but there are more jobs for CCNP as compared to CCSP here.Hence i am really confused since i do not wish to waste my 2 years for CCNP if i can achieve CCSP and go for CCIE Security directly.But then again there is this JOB Issue :) I am currently working for a company which is into exchange (Not even remotely related to networking) :( So its kinda difficult also to manage but still i wish to achieve it.So Please advise me guys as to what path should i take.I need all your opinions even if you feel its not worth it GIVE ME YOUR OPINIONS as every opinion is useful to me :) So Help me guyssss pleaseeeeee !!!!!!!!


  • There are few things which you must consider before making a decision.

    I must say that going for CCSP after CCNP will make much more sense In my Opinion. Though its not absolutely necessary. If you think logically about CCSP or Network Security in general  -  it runs on top of a full functional network. So you must be good at Networks side to in order to attain good CCSP or Security professional Troubleshooting skills. Because if you don't know OSPF for example, how come you can troubleshoot OSPF peering issues of ASA or VPN Concentrator ?

    But on the other hand it's not necessary to pass CCNP exams. you can study it well and just don't attempt exams. Save that money for further studies in Security and send me some too for my advise [;)] hehehe

    I am not a CCSP though but I have worked as a Sr. Network Security Consultant for HCL Technologies and Cisco TAC in India. I was CCNP at that point and CCNP helped me significantly during that time. Later I moved back to kind of Pure Network profile because Network is something I love to do.

    Also consider the other facts that CCSP is not the only thing in security market. Though Cisco devices are the one which attracts us more but in reality Cisco is one of many IT security market leaders. Checkpoint is also quite popular and in real life you won;t find a network running cisco gear only...though it would be nice if they run only cisco [;)]

    Now getting back to idea of CCSP job market. I must say during the 3 years I spent in India in Security Industry, I rarely encounter people who were Complete CCSP. Most of them had passed few CCSP exams but not all. But during that period of 2006-2008 It was kind of hard to find CCSP training in India. GNS was not running PIX/ASA/CIDS at that time and INE didn't launch CCSP COD too [:P]

    But still I must say I still receive emails from many job consultants and companies looking for CCSP professionals. So don't worry...[Y]



    Deepak Arora

  • Thanx a lot deepak for your encouraging words.Now i will work harder to achieve my certifications.Cisco is my dream company so maybe someday i will work for them too.Although i have heard that partner companies of cisco give more higher packages [:D]

    But someday i wanna join cisco [8-|] Anywayz now my path is first CCNP--CCNA Security--CCSP (Now known as CCNP Security ) ----- CCIE Security.

    I hope i achieve all this within next 5 years considering the job i have at present which has no relation to networking whatsoever [:^)]

    Anywayz thank you sooo much for replying to my query.I wish that all you guys out there have fun with cisco and enjoyy it while studying.God bless you and once again thanx a lot deepak.I have added your blog as a bookmark.[:)]


  • For CCNP you can consider INE's CCNP COD... So far the best material in Industry for CCNP Preparation. And good part is that once you buy it you also get access to 5 Day bootcamp class version in free.

    Not to mention though that INE is not paying me to promote their CCNP Stuff [:P] hehe

    As far my blog goes, you can join it as follower so that every-time I post some thing new you get email notification. Basically saves times and brain cells. [;)]   Always a good idea.

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