VOL1 3.12 point-to-point R4/R5

Hi guys,

I tried to configure the point-to-point but the link from S0/1 R4 and S0/1 R5 doesn't work on frame-relay.

I cant't configure like a DTE the interface of R5 s0/1 and R4 s0/1 like default (clock 64000).I just need a connection like DCE/DTE cable but it doesn't work,is it a bug of Dynamips or I miss something?


  • Can you past your configs or provide some more info?  Do some " show ip int bri" 's  and "show run int X" , etc.    Not sure what's going there w/o some more info.



  • The lack of the physical layer interaction is one of the drawbacks of using an emulated environment like Dynamips/Dynagen/GNS3.  There are some behaiviors related to the physical topology that can only be tested or labbed up on real hardware.  This is not to be taken as a knock against Dynamips...there is still alot of things you can do on Dynamips with the apppropriate IOS images that you cannot reproduce unless you have thousands of dollars invested in real hardware.  And here is the real gem...you can take Dynamips anywhere you can carry your laptop.

    Sorry for the gush...

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