Firewall Service Module OSPF problem

Hi Group,

My Firewall Service Module stuck in INIT state. I have been running OSPF on Cat6513 Firewall Service Module for year (2 years to be precise) exchanging dynamic routing with some routers. Had couple of planned power maitance where we had to power down the whole switch without a problem.

This pass weekend we had to power down it again. When bringing the power up again, the Firewall Services Module OSPF stuck in INIT with the routers (show ospf neighbor). On the routers nothing show for the output of "show ip ospf neighbor". The "debug ip ospf hello" on the routers show only the router Sending "Hello" on the LAN segments, no Receive Hellos. Tried removing and putting back OSPF config on both FWSM and routers with no lucks.

Any idea what could be the problem???

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