Mobile Lab at Singapore (Nov 2010) - Postponed to unknown date

just want to share with you all..

I've registered and been preparing for lab exam at 19th nov 2010 (20days from now) at Singapore, and I just received an email from Cisco saying that "due to unexpected circumstances, the mobile lab at Singapore for November 2010 is postpone. We are working to provide you the new date of the mobile lab at Singapore" and I'm also asked to provide date to Cisco in case I want to choose another location and date.

Very ironic, while we can't cancel/change our lab schedule in 90 days before the lab date, Cisco canceled it in 20 days before the lab date and haven't given the new date.

I'm still waiting for reply from Cisco about the new lab date and what they will to do $350 difference if i'm to go for another location (mobile lab cost is $1750).


  • i got a similar mail for cisco mobile lab in december , r u going for security, i beleive it is only affecting security.I sent them a mail hoping to get feedback soon

  • No, I'm taking RS.

    I'm curious about what causes this. When I received the email, I checked the available seat for that period was left with 6 seats (I guess out of 30). So I don't really think this is because low enrollment.

  • Folks,

    Did you get the message that the mobile lab is on again for the week of 22 November?

    Are you all going to make it, or was the notice too short?

  • yes, i got the message and i'm going for it..

    what about you?

  • Yes - I got the first slot available for today - 22 Nov...and drum roll...

    I passed R&S today![:D][H][8-|] CCIE#27531 R&S


    The much feared "CCIE Lab Score Report" email was received within 45mins of ending the session. 

    How do they do it so fast ??  I guess my configs must have been vanilla enough for the autobot script.

    If I can ascribe one main thing for passing it is this tip from this great site and blogs: do not over-configure or over-engineer your solutions (repeat ad infinitum).


    The Singapore mobile lab was done well despite the 1 week postponement - it took place at the Cisco Singapore premises; great choice of facility and the pantry was just outside the room.

    We were provided with widescreen monitors; what I really missed was dual screen because the puttys are configured to be "Always On Top" and there isn't enough screen real estate to have all your devices, diagrams, and tasks.

    We had a very helpful proctor who flew in from Dubai (apparently all mobile lab proctors are on a voluntary basis.

    My TS initialization was totally screwed: the Rn+1 config was loaded on Rn for every device; what a shocker. But the proctor was able to get San Jose to reset my test setup and I was given some make-up time. Boy, was I shaking, and only calmed down after a couple of TS 2-pointers.








  • great, congratz!! don't forget to upload your success story [:)]


    you mean you received the email before the session ended? or 45 mins after the session ended?

  • ...I meant 45 mins after the session ended. Good luck!

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