MoH Frm Flash, Xcode Issue

Regions : CUCM(MoH)----->g729-------BR1  & CUCM (MoH)------->711----HQ

BR1 Phone puts PSTN call on Hold with Audio 1(multicast) configured as file on CUCM MoH File

MoH Server tries to do 729 with BR1, whereas BR1 gateway has 711 file in flash,

show ccm-manager music-on-hold shows as the address which suggests it's looking for 729 file whereas file available is 711

xcoder is available to MoH Server (never gets invoked)

 does this look like correct scenario or is it something which is fundamentally incorrect,

a) either i change region MoH --711--BR1 (which works fine, file plays from BR1 flash)


b) provide 729 file in flash for BR1 (however in that case Multicast IP will have to change on CUCM MoH config, which means change for HQ as well as same server is being used as MoH Source)


Any ideas ??

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