Queueing on 7604 (1p3q8t)

My task is to configure  Qos on two 7604 routers (WS-SUP32-GE-3B,WS-F6K-MSFC2A,WS-F6K-PFC3B) .The Tx Queue Structure on the Gig interface is 1p3q8t.


The bandwidth allocated is as below
Voice 2 % EF
Video 6%  AF41
Critical_data 20% AF31
Server_data and best-effort-traffic 50% AF 21
Bulk_data 30% AF0


How much bandwidth and buffers should be allocated to each Queue in 1p3q8t ?


1.Is the strict-priority and less-than-best-effort queues are tuned to be indirectly proportional to their bandwidth allocations?

2.while all other non-priority preferential queues are tuned to be directly proportional to their bandwidth allocations?

If so what percent of bandwidth and what percent of Buffers should be configured on the 1p3q8t ??

And the Egress interfaces (1 Gig) on both the 7604 routers, should they trust DSCP or trust COS ?


According to the Cisco product documentation the Egress buffer per Gigabit Ethernet port is 9.5 MB, if the 1 Gig interface is rate-limited to 50Mbps, would the buffer remain same or would it also change?.


Thanks in advance.

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