Integrating Cisco Web and E-Mail Interaction Manager with Unified CCE

Dear Sir !


 I deploy Cisco WIM with contact center Express, but i don't connect WIM with Database CC.

Cisco Interaction Manager is integrated with Unified CCE by running the Cisco Interaction Manager Integration
Wizard on the application server of Cisco Interaction Manager. If you have more than one application server,
you can run the wizard from any one of them. The wizard imports the media routing domains, agents, and skill
groups information from the Unified CCE database to the Cisco Interaction Manager database.

i don't known the info:


  - Unified CCE Administration Host Name: Server name or IP address of the Unified CCE Administration Workstation (AW) server ???

  - SQL Server Database Name: Name of the Unified CCE AW database. ???

  I had check CCX, but i don't see Database

Please help me

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