Cisco Desktop Agent Presence Server Integration

Hi All,

I integrated Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD) with Presence Server, and I followed the steps presented in the Cisco Desktop Administrator (CDA) guide to complete the configuration, but I am afraid that on the CAD Chat Window I don't see the Subject Matter Expert (SME) presence status change to ONLINE/AVAILABLE when the SME login to CUPC. But on the SME CUPC I see the CAD agent status as ONLINE/AVAILABLE when the CAD Agent login. To my surprise even in this condition I could send instant messages between the SME and the CAD.

So why is that the status of the SME on the CAD Chat window always offline even though the SME has login to CUPC?

And when I go into Presence Server Users Page of the SME User, I actually don't see the SME being WATCHED by the CAD Agent User too.

Any hints might help, and thanks. 

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