R&S Volume 1 v5 Dynamips ?


 I'm member and I cannot see R&S volume 1 v5 dynamips workbook ? I only get volume 2 v5 in the section.

Can anyone kindly point me to workbook 1 v5 of dynamips please.




  • Well the topologies are the same for every volume of workbook


    Think about it,  when you rent a rack you do not need to specify on what workbook you are going to work on..


    so take vol2 dynamips topology, download the configs you have from rack rental VOl1


    Modify the interfaces (serial 0/0/0 to serial 0/0 and the Ethernets of the switches)


    make sure the switches have the vlan created in the vlan database and they appear in the config


    and voila you are done



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